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          ? 上海克汀表面技术(集团)有限公司



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          The Coating Group


          上海克汀表面技术(集团)有限公司于 2008 年在上海成立, 集团专注于汽车及金属零部件表面防腐、 减磨降噪、 提升汽车安全性为主的一家高新技术企业, 集团秉承绿色循环发展理念, 从原材料研发、 加工工艺创新以及成品制造, 努力打造成为专业提供一站式表面处理服务的集团公司。 集团旗下有五家国内子公司, 日本一家子公司, 另外集团还与日本最大的热处理企业帕卡集团取得了合作, 与帕卡国内三家工厂共同开展业务, 集团另外两个版块分别为从事金属电镀的鹏雷公司和从事表面涂装的高敦公司, 集团公司工厂分布于上海、 南通、 佛山、 湖州、 曰照、 常州、 烟台等。 集团公司通过资源整合给客户提供更完善更便捷的综合问题解决方案, 我们坚持不懈的努力取得了包括大众、 通用、 奧迪、 奔驰、 福特、 丰田、 本田、 上汽、 蔚来等主机厂的认可。

          Shanghai Coating Surface Technology Corporation Co.,Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 2008 which is a high-tech enterprise focusing on anti-corrosionn ,abrasion,noise reduction and safety improvement in automotive industry field. The Group adheres to the concept of green cycle development.Raw material development,innovation in processing technology and manufacturing of finished products,and strive to become a group company to provide one-stop surface treatment service. The group has five domestic subsidiaries, one Japanese subsidiary and also cooperated with Parker Group which is the largest heat treatment company in Japan. Joint business cooperation with Parker's three plants in China currently. The other two sections of the group are engaged in metal plating. Peng Lei Company and Golden company are engaged in surface coating. The company's factories are located in Shanghai,Nantong,Foshan,Huzhou,Rizhao,
          Changzhou,Yantai and so on.The group company provides customers with more comprehensive and convenient comprehensive problem solutions through resource integration. We have got recognition from OEMs including Volkswagen,GM,Audi,Benz,Ford,Toyota,Honda,SAIC,NIO etc.

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